Penis atrophy 101: everything a man should know about penis contraction

Contraction of the penis. Ugh, it sounds like a bad word. Penis atrophy sounds even worse because it has a medical ring of terror around it. They both represent the same thing: it is a condition in which the size of a penis appears (or actually does) decrease due to a large loss of tissue from the penis. Penile atrophy is not permanent for all men and can sometimes be reversed or at least significantly helped. Let’s talk about the causes of penis atrophy, how to fix it in case of temporary shrinkage, and tips to prevent it in the future.
What Causes Penis Atrophy?
There are several different causes of penis atrophy. Here are some of the most common, some permanent and some influenced by a lifestyle that has been linked to penis shrinkage.
1) The Elder’s Time: Age is an inescapable truth, and although wisdom and self-image generally improve, it can affect a soldier. Scar tissue accumulated from years of crazy sex and sports injuries can have a negative effect on spongy erectile tissue and lead to penis shrinkage.
2) Smoking Causes Smaller Sausages: Smoking shrinks and damages blood vessels in the body, including those in the penis, which can prevent blood flow from reaching the penis. This is proven by a study from the Boston University School of Medicine that found that male smokers had smaller penises. If that doesn’t make a man give up, what will he?
3) Too many beers and hot wings: Weight gain, especially visceral fat in the abdomen, can make the penis appear smaller, giving it a shrinking effect. The penis is attached to the abdominal wall and, when the stomach inflates, it pulls the penis inward, reducing its visible size. Regain inches of your trash by reducing inches at your waist.
4) Peyronie’s disease: This disease is characterized by the accumulation of scar tissue, which causes the penis to bend dramatically when erect and can be quite painful. Peyronies can result in a decrease in both the length and girth of a man’s lord.
5) Medications: Medications like Adderall, antipsychotics, and antidepressants  E cigarette can cause penis shrinkage. Consult a doctor for more details and always ask about side effects.

How can a man treat penis contraction?
There are several ways to treat penis atrophy. Here are some ways a man can decrease or reverse penis shrinkage:

1) Lose the nicotine: While there are many reasons to quit smoking (yes, vaping too), keeping your penis strong is very persuasive. Smoking shrinks and damages blood vessels. Remember this mantra: Cigarette butts kill erections!

2) Cut the waist: it’s time to lose a few pounds. The penis will look bigger and work better because there is less blood flow.
3) Male Enhancers – Increase Blood Flow With Daddy’s Little Helpers. Male enhancement medications like Cialis and Viagra will help most men achieve and maintain stronger and more powerful erections. Heart patients should always be careful with these pills. Use only male performance aids prescribed by your personal physician; do not lend one to a friend. 4) Surgery for severe cases: Men who have Peyronie’s disease or excess scar tissue on the penis may find help with ultrasound treatments or surgery. These will not reverse the shrinkage but can improve penis sensation and sexual performance.
Prevention of penile atrophy

Well, aging is off the table. If a man could understand that, he would be the richest man in the world. Let’s talk about realistic things that men can do to prevent the penis from shrinking. First of all, talk to your doctor! If something strange is happening downstairs, don’t wait! Then, maintain a healthy weight, eat a diet rich in protein, good fats, and plenty of fruits, vegetables, and legumes rich in vitamins and minerals. Now for the fun tip: get plenty of erections, even if you don’t use them. The penis is a muscle that needs to be worked or else the muscle atrophies, as do the biceps and quadriceps.
Finally, keep the penis healthy. Keep it clean and infection free. Always practice safe sex. Men who really want to keep their penis in good shape use a specifically formulated penis health cream (Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and gentle on the skin, is recommended by health professionals) daily or multiple times. a day to rejuvenate and protect your member. . These creams contain vital vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and minerals that keep the penis strong, vigorous and healthy for many years.