From Metropolis to Main Street, Light Pole Banners Enjoy Increasing Popularity As Outdoor Promotion

When Hershey Park, an entertainment park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, planned the celebration of their a hundred-12 months anniversary, they chose mild pole banners, as a part of the advertising and marketing blend. The city-huge birthday celebration will consist of a re-willpower of the park, 100 days of music, enjoyment and fireworks and the disclosing of a brand new attraction, the Boardwalk at Hershey Park.

“Over seventy pole banners are prominently displayed inside the parking masses and on the kiss-formed light poles that line Chocolate Avenue, the primary thoroughfare thru the community,” in keeping with Don Rhoads, Print Buyer, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. “We used two kinds of banners: one fashion marks the one hundred-year anniversary of the Hershey’s Kiss, and the other marks the 100-12 months anniversary of Hershey Park. This is the primary time we have used pole banners along Chocolate Avenue, and we are pretty thrilled with the consequences.”

In St. Louis, the advertising company of Maring advanced a campaign street light solar power for the Gateway Arch. In a departure from the usual exercise of more than one pole banners which are all identical, the banners on this marketing campaign spotlight the special sports to be had in the Arch and at close by Arch venues which includes the Historic Old Courthouse and Riverboats.

Says Beth Marti-Maxwell, Production Manager, Maring distinct banner pairs highlighting all of the Arch points of interest possible experience, together with Riverboat rides, the Museum of Westward Expansion, movies, the museum present shop, bicycle rentals, air tours, the Historic Old Courthouse and, of course, rides to the top of the Arch.”

Banners have been set up close to the Historic Old Courthouse, at the Arch grounds and at the RV/bus car parking zone close to the Riverfront. Explains Marti-Maxwell: “When vacationers go to, they may be blind to all the sports available on the Arch. The banners not most effective increase attention of site visitors’ options, additionally they enhance the classy appeal of the Arch grounds and surrounding place.”

Design alternatives for mild pole banners are expanding too. “The antique pole banners had a more graphical illustration of the points of interest,” Marti-Maxwell says. “The new banners use photographic pics, and we additionally integrated a free-flowing flap at the bases of the symptoms, which gives them motion and provides visual interest.”

Cultural institutions are not alone: From predominant metropolitan street solar lighting system towns to small metropolis America, municipalities are locating new and modern approaches to use pole banners. The small town of Petersburg, Virginia is an ideal instance.

Says Joe Rauchi, Systems Administrator and Webmaster for the City of Petersburg: “We did a banner marketing campaign for our downtown region three or 4 years in the past providing a picture of the courthouse. Downtown corporations contributed to the price in exchange for a list on the pole banners. The marketing campaign become no longer as successful as it may have been for more than one motives: first, the colors have been too muted to study nicely from the street.

Second, there had been too many banners—one on every single light pole—and the impact turned into cluttered. We discovered from that revel in. With this modern campaign for the Jamestown Festival, the coloration palette is bolder and we best hooked up banners on the corners. There are 3 banners per pole, angling out like the blades of a fan, so that there may be a clear view of the banner regardless of which course one methods the intersection from,” says Rauchi.